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Theme of the year is AppropiatenessHappy New Year 2019!Happy New Year 2019!!Happy New Year 2019!!!Bellina Schools of Achievers!!!
Bellina College Valedictory Service / Prize Giving Day Date: 18th July, 2019 School hall (9am-4pm)
Bellina Nursery/Primary School Valedictory Service Date: 16TH July, 2019 11am - 3pm
Bellina College Final Entrance Exam Date: 20th July, 2019 School Hall (9am - 2pm)
Our Core Values
  • Discipline
  • Integrity
  • Hardwork
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Diligence
Mission Statement
To provide the children with sound foundational education thereby building in them moral values of hard work, honesty and discipline.
To equip the child and youth with necessary knowledge, skills, and values for world class leadership and achievements.
To produce well-developed children with creative abilities to build a better future in a changing world
To produce world class leaders who can make their positive impact on the world.
School Anthem

Bellina Nursery and Primary School
The precious school we love You gave us hope
You gave us strength
You gave us knowledge
You 've given us an edge most others can't
Bellina Children are building blocks for a better future
We are bright and confident
Ready for the challenges life can bring
'Cause we have what it takes for a good start in life
God being on our side
We shall always win
God bless our school and Country
May our love for Bellina never die

Bellina College
Bellina College
For our logo says it all
Bellina College
Bellina College
Like the diamond that we are
We shall never grow weak
Nor weary
Filled by the confidence and might
For our motto ever remains
Our crest unfurled
'Cause our strength is in God
Bellina College
Bellina College
The nest of future leaders paving the way to success
And to a brighter future priceless
Desired and resilient in which ever situation
Bearing with confidence and fortitude
Bearing with confidence and fortitude
Cause our "strength is in God"


The schools were established mainly to cater for all children irrespective of tribes and colour; and to provide a unique institution where children could be given an all-round education to make them useful and resourceful members of the society.The Schools not only focus on academics but also on discipline, morals and the discovery and development of talents. Student to teacher ratio in the college is 9:1 and there are a maximum of 25 students per class. There are 2 arms only of each class. Bellina College boasts of Boarding Facilities (male and female) which are homes away from home. It also has an effective school bus service.

Bellina Schools comprise of Primary and Secondary sections. The two schools have modern facilities and a student population of 600 and about 85 members of staff. The schools are purpose built, well ventilated and spread over a wide expanse of land in a serene area of Akoka. Bellina started on the 14th of January 1985 as a Day Care and Nursery School and was approved the same year. At inception, it occupied a two-room apartment and had 6 pupils and 2 teachers. Due to pressure from parents, Bellina Nursery/Primary came into being in January 1987 (earlier than planned) and was approved in 1991.

The secondary section, Bellina College, was founded on the 2nd of October 1996 with 17 students, and 5 teachers. It took over one of the buildings belonging to the primary school. As the school grew, a new site was constructed for the Primary School and in February 1999 it moved there. Bellina Schools was established and is headed by Mrs. Nadia Bashir-Bello MNIM, an astute, hardworking and forthright woman. She is a disciplinarian, lover of children and a professional educator. She holds a B.Sc (Mass Com.) PGDE, M.Ed (Admin).

As soon as your child enrolls in the school, we become partners ensuring that he/she reaches his/her full potential in a stimulating and caring environment. We see the relationship between the school and the home as vital to your child’s education. It is only by working together towards common goals that we can give a consistent message to the children in our care.

I am pleased to introduce the parents’ handbook, which is intended to help you know more about our school and our ways of working. We have attempted to convey to you a flavour of the varied and interesting life enjoyed by students/pupils here.

We provide a balanced and structured learning environment, which is designed to prepare children for a productive future.

Once again on behalf of the entire school teams, I welcome you and your child to Bellina Schools, and look forward to developing a fruitful and mutually beneficial working relationship with you.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Nadia Bashir-Bello M.Ed (Admin) PGDE, B.Sc MNIM,
School Proprietress.

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